Green Modified Gypsum

Green Modified Gypsum

The binder from this Green Modified gypsum which is based on the ordinary gypsum powder (grade 5 of 5-8MPa after 28 days) increases the compressive strength up to 15 MPa, with the Gypsum 16-MPa which is called POP or Plaster of Paris, increasing up to 60-MPa.
• Increased rate of softening Rs to 0.85.
• Increased mobility from M1 to M5.
• Low water demand.
• For screed.
• For quick couplers.
• For plaster-casting.
• For decorative stone - by casting or dry pressing, indoors or outdoors.
• For gypsum plaster mixes.
• For plastering plaster mixes.
• To repair plaster compositions.
• For adhesive plaster mixes.
• For gypsum concrete and gypsum Foamed concrete.
• Plasterboard.
• plasters slabs.
• Plastering.
• Interior tiles injection method.

Modified gypsum for the production of artificial stone and blocks

Modification of regular gypsum plaster into modified gypsum is compatible with all brands of semi-aqueous gypsum. Provides maximum efficiency in increasing the strength of gypsum binder by 2-4 times, increasing the softening rate, and reducing water consumption by 25% by weight of gypsum. The stabilizer additive promotes uniform strength gain and the development of crystals of a certain size without the formation of microcracks. To slow down the setting time of the gypsum solution, only acids should be used: tartaric and citric. When using alcohol-based pigments, the setting time is accelerated.
The binder, plaster - is widely used for decorative and sculptural works in construction.

Today, with gypsum-based grade-16 of 16 MPa, modified to Modified gypsum with pigments, it is possible to obtain a nice look of marble –

  • Density is 1700 - 2400kg /m ³
  • Frost over 100 cycles
  • Strength 25 –60 MPa and more.
  • Water absorption 5-8%
  • Density is 1700 - 2400kg /m ³
  • The material after drying, is easy to grind and polish.
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